Podcast Episode 2: Louise Brogan on Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

By Laura @ IWMLB Project | Podcasts

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Nov 07

Hey and welcome to the second episode of the ‘I Want My Life Back Project’ podcast!


In this episode, I interview Louise Brogan from Social Bee NI. Louise has built a social media consultancy business from scratch having started her career as a software engineer and later as an IT Project Manager.

online marketing consultant

Louise started her business by offering free Facebook coaching for businesses back in 2010 and grew Social Bee from there.

online marketing consultant

Louise has a podcast called Social Bee and also runs The Social Bee Academy which is a monthly membership group.

Here are some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Why having your own website is so important
  • How to find the right social media for your business
  • Top tips for going live on your Facebook page
  • How to get testimonials for your business by offering free services, to begin with
  • Why shouldn’t be afraid to make changes in your business

You can listen to the episode below!

Links to website and groups mentioned in the episode:

Louise has a free 30-day challenge to help you come up with ideas to grow your social media audience if you want to sign up for that as well.

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Podcast recorded on Zencastr, edited with GarageBand for Mac, finished off post-production with Auphonic and hosted by Podbean (my affiliate link).

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