Podcast Episode 6: Helping Others To Start a Fashion Brand

By Laura @ IWMLB Project | What business shall I start?

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Jan 30

Hey and welcome to the sixth episode of the ‘I Want My Life Back Project’ podcast!


In this episode, I chat to Elizabeth Stiles about how she left her corporate job as a fashion buyer to start her own business.

Elizabeth is a fashion brand consultant who helps people set up their own fashion brands.

She has amazing insights into how to get your fashion brand started with tips on finding a manufacturer, making connections and finding your ‘why’.

start a fashion brand

Here are some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Why your business doesn’t have to be something wildly outside your expertise. It could be something directly related to your current career
  • Don’t take for granted what you know, there are plenty of people who need your knowledge, and will pay for it.
  • The most common question asked by people who want to start fashion brands
  • Why making connections is crucial when trying to find a manufacturer
  • Why Shopify has such great analysis to help you understand your sales
  • The first thing to do when you want to start a fashion brand
  • Why Facebook groups are great for finding potential customers and also discount services for your business

You can listen to the episode below.

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Links to website and groups mentioned in the episode:

Elizabeth’s website: ElizabethStiles.co.uk

British Sourcing Event Make It British Live 

Instagram Elizabeth Stiles

Facebook Elizabeth Stiles

Facebook Group The Fashion Feed

Squarespace Website: Squarespace

Wix Website: Wix

Shopify Website: Shopify

Ted Talk Simon Sinek: Start With Why

Book Start With Why

Sophi French Life Coach Sophie French

Stylist Live Stylist Live

Pop Up Business School PopUpBusinessSchool.co.uk

Thanks, Elizabeth!

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Podcast recorded on Zencastr, edited with GarageBand for Mac, finished off post-production with Auphonic and hosted by Podbean.

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