Desperate To Escape The Corporate Grind But don't know where to start?

I Will Create A Plan With You

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Hey, I am Laura, and no, I am not a coach.

I don't know about you but I am sick of coaches, mentors and gurus charging thousands to 'empower you', and 'find your best self'.

I am just someone who has done what you want to to do, and can help you make a plan to do it too.


I quit a very well-paid senior management job and got my life back.

I got over burnout and now freelance two days a week, work on this blog and manage my rental properties. I am so much happier :-)

Just a little note here. I am not into sleazy marketing techniques or trying to persuade you that the only way to achieve your dreams is to pay me money.

You could absolutely achieve what you want to, on your own. Sometimes though we just need someone to help us see the wood for the trees.  That doesn't necessarily have to be me. It could be a therapist or a friend or family member.

If you like the blog and think that talking to me would help you kickstart your office escape plan, then book a session (I'd love to help you out). 

If you feel like you can go it alone or get advice elsewhere, just carry on reading the free content on this blog. Do whatever is right for you!

If you have already decided that you definitely want to book a strategy session then you can click the button below and get your session booked in! It's £50 (approximately $64) for one hour.

If you want a bit more information before you decide, you can either read on or send me an email at hello@iwantmylifebackproject.com and I'll answer any questions you might have.

So, what do you want to do?

  make a decision on your business idea

  • Stop going around in circles trying to choose the 'perfect' idea.
  • check
    Decide on the right business idea for you
  • Define your ideal customer
  • Get clear on your message, service or product
  • check
    Plan the first step you will take to start your business

  get the confidence to leave your job

  • Explore the possibilities of what you could do instead of an office role
  • check
    Receive realistic, pragmatic advice on when you should leave
  • Get one-on-one support from someone who has done it
  • Understand what is holding you back from leaving
  • check
    Get over your fears of quitting your job

     save money to fund your escape

  • Get a clear plan on how to analyse expenses
  • check
     Decide on which expenses are most important to you
  • Understand how spending relates to emotions and values
  • Get a clear calculation on how long you need to save for
  • check
    Feel confident and in control of your money

what difference will it make to you?

  • you will finally start taking action on getting out of the corporate grind
  • You will have a clear action plan tailored to your personal circumstances
  • You will gain confidence through 'doing'
  • That niggling feeling that 'there must be something more' will start to go away
  • You will have one on one support with someone who 'gets it'.

why Should you choose me?

I don't 'manifest stuff' or believe the universe owes me anything. I like practical, realistic and do-able plans that lead to action.

I climbed the corporate ladder in retail merchandise planning until I reached the position of Head of Merchandise Planning for Menswear.

I was in charge of multi-million pound budgets and forecasting future sales and product buys.

I've also always been really good with my own money and have been filling in a monthly budget spreadsheet since 2007 to track and control my finances.

So, while I was grinding away in corporate, I started to invest on the side, in rental properties and stocks and shares.

I also tried to set up a business among everything else.

*Head explodes*

Finally, I couldn't take the stress and pressure of my job anymore, I knew I wanted to start a business but realised I couldn't do both at the same time.

So I saved up a years worth of expenses, and quit.

It took a long time to get over the burnout and find a work/like balance I was comfortable with.

Now I manage my rental properties, freelance two days a week as a retail merchandise planner and run I Want My Life Back Project.

Life is pretty good :-) 

I can help you figure out what kind of life you want, and then create a plan of action for you to get it. 

You don't have to do the same thing I did, once you are clear on what you want, we can create the best way for you.

how much is it?

£50 For 1 Session (approx $64)

what do you get?

A one hour strategy sessions tailored for you and you personal circumstance

Clear, pragmatic and logical advice on how to achieve your goal

access to any resources or people i know who could help you

a step-by-step written plan for what you need to do to leave corporate

and Most importantly..............You Will be working with Someone Who Knows What It Is Like To Desperately Want To leave the corporate world (And Has Done It!)

Logistics and Practical Stuff

Sessions will take place on Zoom

The programme consists of 1 strategy session

The session will last 60 minutes

you can keep a recording of the session

All sessions are completely Confidential


"How much do the sessions cost?"

It cost £50 for 1 session that lasts one hour. (This is approximately $64 dollars). You can check out the latest exchange rate on xe.com.

"Do you offer refunds?"

I am happy to offer a refund if you can show evidence that you have implemented everything we have agreed in your plan and not achieved the results you wanted.

"What format are the sessions in?"

The sessions will be a voice or video call on Zoom. I can record the sessions for you to keep afterwards. 

"Aren't you just like any other coach?"

No, I am not a coach. My strategy sessions are designed for you to work with someone who has done what you want to do and can help you to plan it out. 

I have years of experience of planning and managing timelines in my retail career.

I have also done consulting work for large and small retail business to help them streamline their processes.

"How many sessions are there?"

There is one session lasting an hour. You can book more sessions after that if you want to.

"Will you have an appointment at a time to suit me?"

I am based in the UK but will have availability in my calendar for the USA and most other timezones.

"Can I pay in a currency other than £?"

Yes, I accept payments via Stripe which accepts multiple currencies and is a secure payment platform (it's used by big guns such as Shopify, Booking.com and Xero.

"Are you a perfect human being?"

Hell to the no! I make mistakes, spill stuff and trip over just like everyone else. I have always been a 'do-er' though and I believe we can do anything if we give ourselves the confidence and time to work it out.

“the scariest moment is always just before you start” - Stephen King

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