Podcast Episode 1: Vix Anderton on Achieving Balance As An Entrepreneur

By Laura @ IWMLB Project | Podcasts

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Nov 01

Hey and welcome to the first episode of the ‘I Want My Life Back Project’ podcast!

Vix worked in the RAF for ten years before working for a number of organisations in operational management and women’s rights.

Most recently, Vix has set up a coaching practice called The Practical Balance which helps entrepreneurs achieve success by finding balance in their lives.

I loved recording this episode with Vix as we had some really interesting conversations about:

  • Embarking on a portfolio career rather than trying to find your ‘one passion’.
  • How to be productive according to your natural energy rather than subscribing to ‘the hustle’
  • Using the ‘Do. Review. Apply’ principle and learning through trial and error.
  • Why taking courses is a way of ‘seeking permission‘ to start your business.

You can listen to the episode below!

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